Friday, March 14, 2008

Yesterday, I unearthed the Badge-a-Minit that I purchased last year. I had no success with it on the first try so I stuffed it in a drawer. I don't know what prompted me to pick it up again, but I'm glad I did. I've been turning little doodles into wearable buttons.

I'm not sure if I'm going to list them or not. I figure I'll give them a test drive. What do you think? Here are a few. The rest can be seen on my Flickr.



More trees:

Even a Hey Tiger button:

It was really warm out this afternoon, so I took the dog for a nice, long walk. On a little side street around the corner from my house, I passed this:

A hand-sewn, gingham checked, ripped heart in the gutter. "Simplify."
It's now the desktop background on my computer. If it wasn't so soggy and dirty, I would have taken it home.

I bought some shrinky-dinks at the craft store today. I'm debating whether or not to bust them out. I have lots of ideas. But its midnight. Hmmmm...

The BF in Texas this weekend, playing his rock and roll. I miss him. The boys and I are holding down the fort though. Poochie's already passed out from all the partying.


PS - Has anyone seen the commercials for the "Horton Hears a Who" menu at iHop?
Incredibly disturbing.


nikkol said...

sweet! are they little size or big size. since there are only 2 sizes of buttons in my mind.

i like that simplify thing. awesome walk score even if just a picture.

i have not seen that commercial. i do remember other ridiculous commercials for ihop that make no sense, i am sure i'll see this one soon. i wonder what the review are. i heard people didn't think it was funny. well, it's not that funny of a story, it has meanings and values and people working together to reach a common, difficult goal. i really dr. suess.

nikkol said...

uh, what?

i wonder what the reviews of horton hears a who are.

i really like dr. suess.

somechick84 said...

I like the buttons, they are so colorful and simple! You could sell them in little batches maybe? or give them away with sales... "free button with order!!! HurrAY"


But seriously, it would be cool.

christina said...

1. They are little. I think the official size is 1.25".
2. Thanks for clarifying. Hahahah.

Both great ideas! Thanks a bunch.
PS - I threw a Hey Tiger button in with your cd (be careful when opening the envelope!)