Monday, March 17, 2008

PSA and other things.

So, apparently I'm a little late to the party here... but in case YOU live under the rock next to mine, Go to Pandora Radio.

Nikkol was kind enough to steer me in their direction and I can't thank her enough. I'm always looking for new music because I get sick of things pretty quickly. Also, my musical taste is a little cyclical. I go from country phases to Motown phases to crunchy rock phases and so on and so forth. I am VERY excited about this.

So this weekend was very fun. While my lovely BeeF was at rock and roll camp, I filled my schedul to the brim. On Saturday, I went to Hoboken to meet up with some members of EtsyNJ. It was nice to put faces with names and to spend some time with some other craft-minded folk. I think I get so lost in my own crafty head sometimes. It's good to know I'm not alone.

Saturday night, I got together with some ladyfriends for wine and stories. My cheeks still hurt from laughing. Sunday... well, Sunday is when I lost my mind.

I bought some shrinkable plastic (er... shrinky dinks) and went ka-razy with it. I have three new pairs of earrings and several necklaces to post. I'm particularly excited about the earrings. I'll try to get pics up later today.


PS - Seriously go to Pandora. I've fallen in love with a few new songs already.


bev said...

i tracked you down!! i thought you gave up on posting. i know you said you'd be over here but i kept forgetting to check.

dude-pants, pandora is THE BOMB.COM! i could have sworn that it was you who showed it to me a few years ago. im hooked on it. for realz.

i cant wait to see your shrinky-dinked earrings! i think the last set of shrinky dinks that i bought was... umm, oh yes. dukes of hazzard. i had dukes of hazzard shrinky dinks. i thought that i was going to marry bo duke. the blonde one. he was bo, right? i always mix them up.

nikkol said...

i love pandora too! i thought everyone should know about it so i posted it on my blog, so now potentially 2 more whole people may know about it. hehe.

those earring and necklaces sound cool. i wasn't allowed to use shrinky dinks. but i made a few sets at tria's house back in the day. i have strong memories of smurfs and i really liked the gargymel one.

somechick84 said...

Wow, what an awesome site! I live under the rock next to you... I waved this morning, but you must not have seen me... :D

christina said...