Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bags bags bags...

Anyone a Mr. Show fan?
Bag hutch?
Took a while to load, but that's one of my favorites.

Ok, so I'm in the process of finishing up my newest bag. I'm hoping to have pics up by the end of the week. Woot. I also need to make a new batch of bubble rings and decoupage some earrings.
Since I don't have band rehearsal tonight, I think I'm gonna get cracking on those things. Sounds like fun.

Last night, I busted out my journal... which I barely even touch anymore. I'm trying to keep it with me again. Hoping for some inspiration. I'll have to take some pictures of it. My journals, if I do say so myself, are pretty fly. I collage them and draw in them. They're really fun. Fully of crazy rambling, but the look cool. Kind of like me. Pfffff.

I need to start exercising more regularly. I say this all the time but I really need to stick to it. I think my main problem is that I let myself sleep in really late. I need to really commit to waking up early each morning and making the most of the day. This means I should probably have a bed-time before 3am.

Ok. Stop whining.


nikkol said...

what i am gonna do with all these BAGS?!! HAHAHAHA!

sounds like fun crafting, i wish i could do crafting with you. boo hoo. my journals are labeled and organized so that i do them. they come as a companion to a medication that i'm not on but totally pertains to me. MIND & BODY Journal. i should exercise too. everyone should!

can't wait to see the new funbag!

somechick84 said...

I would love to see your journals! I'm a horrible snacker too, I just can't resist anything that is crunchy and comes bite sized. And thanks for the info on becoming a veggie... I've honestly never heard someone say they felt better eating meat so it's good to know. I will think of all my questions and bombard you with them!

I use a mac and I love it. Your website looks pretty good for doing it in one night! Love the colors! I'll send you some samples of my work with my bombardment! And thanks for the book link... awesome.