Thursday, March 27, 2008

On edge...

So... I'm a little edgy this week.
I guess its the exams. I bombed one on Monday and I have another tonight. My stomach actually dropped as I was typing that. I really hate tests. Such pressure. Such a do-or-die feeling.

So, yes, I've been a little satanic. I have zero patience. I have not actually spoken to any human beings outside of my job or the BF this week. I suppose that I become a little bit of a hermit crab when I'm working through something. This is ok with me because hermit crabs, of course, are awesome. All crabs are awesome.

Ok, back on planet earth... I put an Alchemy bid on Etsy to do a purse. It's my first bid ever, which was a little harrowing. It was nice to break the ice though. I hope to do more bids in the future.

I have other things to talk about but now is not the time.

I'll be back later most likely.

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somechick84 said...

I'm sorry you bombed a test. That's never fun. Tests suck. I am the worst. Especially with math, I breeze through the things thinking I'm doing fine. When really, it was just coincidental that all my wrong answers happened to be a multiple choice option! Arg!

Crabs are cool.