Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I totally forgot that I bought a slot in the Showcase today on Etsy.
I got some hearts and a bunch of views on the featured items. I even made a sale on a pair of earrings. Hooray!

I applied for the Craftacular the other day. So, if you have any spare karma, please sent it my way. It would be such a huge honor to be a part of it. Regardless of whether or not I get in, my butt will be there. I can't wait!

I'm working on some new earrings tonight. I got two pairs of earrings on sale at Target last year which I've been meaning to decoupage. I just remembered today... so that's my current project. I'll upload some pics later. They're different from my other stuff. Kind of an experiment. We'll see what happens.

I also took pics of my journals... I'll have to upload those too.

PS - I have some giant news... but I'm gonna wait a little longer to spill.

1 comment:

nikkol said...

i visited your esty today, i don't know if that means i went to the showcase or not. congrats!

pictures are cool.

teasing people with big news is un-cool.