Sunday, March 2, 2008


I have a lot of things to write about... but I'm heading out the door.
Just want to say that I got a new tattoo yesterday from a guy named Lucky while I was wearing my brand new (real) 4-leaf clover necklace from zkitten's Etsy shop.

I'm beaming because I really am a lucky gal.

More later.


nikkol said...

nice. like the tat and the necklace :)

somechick84 said...

Hey there! You are more than welcome to stalk me! Truth be told I've been reading through your blog, it inspires me! Thanks for the recommendations. I will check out and compare calorieking. What book trading website do you use? I've never heard of that, isn't that sad? I will definitely look into that book. And since you've been through it all and can relate, I'd love any feedback!