Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I picked up a Myspace for mySparkletree.
So, if you have one, please add us as a friend because we're a little lonely.

I have pics of pocketbooks, jewelry and even some photography that I'm particularly proud of. And of course, Poochie is there.

I'm deleting my personal one. It's dumb. I never check it.

Anyhoo... things have been very busy in the house of Sparkletree. It's mid-term week at school and I'm also running around planning my... "upcoming party."

I have some ideas for rings that I need to get cracking on. And I'm expecting my paper making kit sometime in the next couple of days. Yes, paper making kit. I'm going to make paper. Because I'm insane.

I'm starting to get that nervous feeling... the not-enough-hours-in-the-day feeling. It's good. Don't get me wrong... it means that I'm inspired. I just wish I didn't have silly little distractions like work and school and bills and housework to worry about.



somechick84 said...

ooooh... what's the "upcoming party?" Will there be cake? If so, I will need the exact location please. That's awesome that you're so inspired! I love that nervous feeling!

christina said...

Ohhhhhh... there will be cake! Maybe even cupcakes! WOowoooo!

I like the nervous feeling too... but it can be so distracting!


somechick84 said...

So... what you're telling me is... there will be cake. AND cupcakes...

Tell ya what, I'll mail you a crepe, if you mail me a cupcake!