Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, in an effort to conjure up some motivation in my life, I've begun setting small and realistic mini-goals for myself. My Sparkletree goal is to have 25 sales by the end of the summer.

Not unrealistic, but motivation to hustle.

I also want to start getting some Sparkletree items into boutiques. So, if you know anyone or have any advice, give mama some sugar.

Speaking of sugar, I'm done with it. I have become an alarmingly squishy emotional eating machine fueled almost exclusively by bagels and peanut M&Ms. ENOUGH already. Cripes.

So, give mama some love, too. She's gonna get reeeeal bitchy.

So, take advantage of my insanity and get some FREE SHIPPING on any item in my shop between now and Friday 7/25/08.

Just type "NO MORE M&MS" in the comments and I'll revise your invoice.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quality Assurance

I am pleased to report that I have test driven one of my clean cloths and ran them through a washer and dryer cycle. It came out great! A little shrinkage which is to be expected with 100% cotton, but all in all a success! Still fluffy and soft!

Yay :)

Monday, July 21, 2008


So, my camera is still on the blink, but my Mom was kind enough to lend me her camera to get me through the slump.

As previously mentioned, I'm trying to incorporate as much eco-friendliness into my crafting as possible.

I made these lovely little organic clean cloths - perfect gifts for housewarming, for the bride, for baby or for your own environmentally-friendly home.

In addition to the super-soft clean cloths, I've been making these fun flowers out of my ever-increasing plastic shopping bag collection. I will be listing them in the next day or so.
The up-cycled flowers would make excellent gift bows/ adornments for your eco-conscious friends!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So... I've been making/ doing some cool eco-friendly crafting... however... my camera broke over the weekend.

So, I feel like I have this really great story to tell you, but I've lost my voice.