Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Puppy woes...

Things are going a little slow in the training department with my fine-furry friend. He seems to have MAJOR separation anxiety... which kept us up literally ALL night while he was supposed to be sleeping in his crate. I gave up on sleeping at about 7:45 am and took him out for a brisk walk.

We both promptly fell asleep in front of the television when we returned. This, of course, caused me to be late for work.

He's totally calm and content if we're in his sight... but the second he can't see us, he really spazzes out! I've signed him up for a 6 week training course beginning on the 19th. I really hope this works because I do like sleeping at night.

We're also having some housebreaking issues with him. He seems to go when and where he pleases even though we have been taking him out regularly. The unfortunate thing is, he does not seem to like any of the treats I bought for him... so positive re-enforcement is a bit of a challenge.


Lots going on this week... my band is playing two shows - one in Brooklyn and one in Hoboken - on Thursday and Friday.

I'm hoping to complete another handbag by this weekend as well... and catch up on my sleep.


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