Sunday, January 6, 2008

I really need to step it up with my posts.
I guess I'm kind of pre-occupied with all of this puppy business.
I'm pleased to report, however that we seem to be reaching a comfortable point. Maybe that's just because I've been home all weekend. I don't know. I think that the cat, Mousey calms Poochie down a bit. I left them both in the kitchen last night while I went to a friend's in Brooklyn and I came back to a fairly peaceful household.

Other than that, I've started up on my next felted hand-bag. I'm doing a deep purple blend... not sure what the applique is going to be yet. I bought some new loose wool in several bright colors, so I have a nice pallette to choose from. Thank you, Mom for the gift certificate to AC Moore... my favorite place on earth.

So, as for school... I'm really re-thinking the whole Art Therapy thing. One of my teachers last semester kept driving home to us that we should not enter into any Masters program that we are not PASSIONATE about. While I'm passionate about the art side, I'm not certain that I'm passionate about the therapy side any more.

I'm thinking that until I decide, I should just finish up my BA in Psych (since I have like 4 classes left) and then worry about Masters. I was trying to piggy-back some art courses into my curriculum at MSU, but there is no studio arts minor... so unless I'm 100% sure about graduate school, I could be wasting lots of time and money.

But then what? Do I go back and get a BFA? Do I need to?
I just want to create things. That brings me the most joy in life. I suppose I just have to figure out how to pay the rent doing so.


Lots to think about and I would love any advice you have to offer.

PS - Both shows went really well last week. Southpaw is awesome and Maxwell's is always fun. Next stop, The Goldhawk on January 24th.

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