Monday, February 23, 2009

Attention NJ Crafters!

The Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair at LITM in Jersey City is accepting applications through Friday.

The panel will be accepting vendors of all genres including jewelry, knits, paper and zines. So if your items fall under the categories of "great tchotkes, whosimiwhatsits, thingies, smellerifics, etc. that fall outside the realm of your usual stodgy, old craft fair stuff" drop them a line at before Friday!

In other news, I've been super busy making music this month with my former band, the mellowtraumatics. We played our first show in mmmmmmph years at a sold-out Maxwells this past weekend and it was stupidly fun. Other ghosts included Small Am, Ben Travato and The Milwaukees (original line-up).

photo courtesy of Sarah K. Andrew.

This week I will be a crafting machine with some new arm-warmers and felted goodies.

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nikkol said...

that show sounds awesome, glad it was so fun! i'm sorry i missed it.

i will be visiting in june hopefully, i would love to craft with you and see you make lovely music :)