Sunday, March 29, 2009

Green Machine

Spring is probably my favorite time of year. When the sun breaks through the haze of winter, the colors are brighter and the air is sweeter. I can't help but feel the pull toward hope and renewal and possibility.

Anyway... in the spirit of this feeling, I'm committing to incorporating as many earth-friendly materials into my work as possible. Since the beginning of the year, I have been in addition to working through my stash, I've been unraveling pre-loved sweaters and scarves to crochet new projects. In the event that the re-purposed yarn won't work in a particular project, I am committing using natural fibers - organic when possible (like these new organic cotton necklaces!) or recycled acrylic yarns.

I'm really looking forward to this challenge and am interested in hearing about ways in which you've made your art or your life in general a little "greener."


nikkol said...

dayum, that sweater is amazing! (looked on etsy. wanted to clarify bc there is no sweater in this post, hehehe)

i don't see "nikkol the purse" anymore, mayhaps did you sell it and other awesome things at the craft faire?

hope you're well :)

christina said...

Haha - yes, I should have put the sweater as the pic. I actually meant to and then probably got distracted.

I did sell the Nikkol purse on Saturday at the Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair! I sold it to a friend of mine so I am sure it will be loved. :)

Hope you are well too!!! xxoo

nikkol said...

yeah seriously, that sweater, i don't know how you did it ;)

YaY - i am glad that Nikkol the Purse will have a good home :)

keep crafting! *n