Friday, February 15, 2008

Man-o-man I am sick.
I've been in bed for about three days. The great thing is... I get worse every day.
Yeah. Fun times.

I've decided to try and get some reading in since I'm trapped. I have a bookcase of books that are half-finished. It's a goal of mine to complete ALL of them before I buy any new books.


So, today, I've picked out The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. It looks pretty interesting.

So I have my tea, my book, my crackers and my crazy little dog to keep me company.

Not too bad.


emily august said...

i was sick this past week.

i was feeling pretty down about it, too, but then i made it to the library and i felt like i was five (in only the best ways).

i could live in libraries, and often find the joy of reading someone else's books more pleasing than reading my own, even when they are my favorites.

nikkol said...

i think the whole country is sick. over here in oregon lots of us are sick as well. i did good fighting it off this wkend but spent the whole afternoon with a recently sick person and a bunch of little kids who i love but are germ mongers. i am drinking OJ now. my library book is due tuesday, so i'll be there. although i have amassed quite a few new books that have yet to be read.

brandianndesigns said...

aw! i hope you're feeling better.

ever read any jody piccoult? my favorite of hers so far is 'my sisters keeper' definitely not you're average run of the mill writer. a little too controversial for some people.

anyway. hope you're better!

christina said...

I'm finally feeling better!
Thanks for your well wishes :)

Emily, funny you mention that. I tried to go to the library yesterday. I forgot it would be closed. Something about the smell of library books... reminds me of summertime.

Nik, stay strong. Fight that bug!

BrandiAnn, you must be a mind reader. I had actually started writing about how I was going to re-read My Sister's Keeper. Then I erased it. I love Jodi Picoult. Ironically, she wrote an author review of the book I'm reading now.


emily august said...

i just finished harry potter book six. not exactly a literary classic, but my roommate and i are reading the series in tandem and its pretty fun to discuss with her.

nikkol said...

i've never read any of the harry potter's but i hear they are good. i need to study them for trivia, they are making me lose lots of questions. i bet i could get them from the library. not that i don't have like 15 books i want to be reading now.