Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back in action... with a lengthy update.

So, I'm feeling 100% better and I have been one busy bee!

First of all, I finished up another Baby Cloud Pillow. I think I'm going to throw them up onto Etsy as custom items. I think they would make really sweet baby gifts (decoration only, of course.).

Next, I finished the latest addition to the Sparkletree Pocketbook Collection.
Meet Justine:

Ain't she purty? I'm really psyched about the size of this bag. It fits my 12" iBook like a glove and hangs perfectly under my arm. Add in the pockets and delicious cherry tones, and you have one practical, functional and very pretty pocketbook.

Lastly, I finally finished the BF's birthday present. I had been searching for cylindrical Eames-era style lampshades for his studio but was having no luck finding the perfect pair. I really wanted to make my own, but had no idea where to buy the correct kind of fiberglass and hardware. Luckily, I stumbled upon's do-it-yourself kits in all different shapes and sizes which you dye and decorate yourself. SCORE!
This is the finished product... Lit:


Oh... one more thing (jeez)...
When I find something that I really like, I like to share with you, gentle readers.
So, you know how I've been complaining about arm/ wrist pain from crocheting so much, right? Right.

The ThermaCare wrist wraps were really helpful, but they were getting expensive at $7 a pair. So, I began searching for something I could maybe heat up and re-use. My search led me to, an Australian company selling handmade microwavable, wheat-bag gloves. I received my (purple) pair last week and am in LOVE with them. They smell like heaven and feel great.

Note that the prices listed are in Australian dollars. Including shipping, they came out to about $50ish. They are SO worth it for any crafters with wrist pain!

Until next time...


nikkol said...

the pillow is super cute!

i love justine! the funbag and the woman herself!

that lamp (those lamps) rule! making stuff is cool.

mmmm, wrist warmers. overall, i like australia.

glad you're back in action :)

somechick84 said...

I LOVE Justine... I want her, I just can't afford her at this very moment. You are super talented!!! I am saving my pennies!!!

christina said...

Hey - thanks so much!

Very sweet of you ladies!