Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Art Attack retrospective

So, Art Attack was super fun! My fellow Jersey City Craft Mafiosa, Emily August took some lovely pictures of the event. As you can see, we had some really fantastic vendors.

I purchased some goodies from:
Honestly though, I found something I loved from pretty much every table there.

For instance, this Shobha Ohal necklace made from old prayer cards should really be on my neck. (I hope my husband reads this so he can surprise me with it):

And the customized shoes from Red Delicious Things are out of control:

Everyone I talked with was so nice. I had some fantastic conversations with Amy from Modern Atlier, Miriam from The Hand of Fatima, the folks at M.A.D. Studios and several members of the DC Craft Mafia.

You know what? Why don't I just give you a full list of our amazing vendors in case you missed out:

Laura Schaffnit

Spy Girl

In other news, I just ordered a dress form and can barely contain myself.



Amy said...

hey - it was super fun to meet you.

christina said...

Awww thanks, Amy!

michele said...

christina! this is so cute! and yes, shoes with hearts of them are delicious.

p.s. im gonna post this on facebook....again.

christina said...

Excellent! Post away!