Monday, July 21, 2008


So, my camera is still on the blink, but my Mom was kind enough to lend me her camera to get me through the slump.

As previously mentioned, I'm trying to incorporate as much eco-friendliness into my crafting as possible.

I made these lovely little organic clean cloths - perfect gifts for housewarming, for the bride, for baby or for your own environmentally-friendly home.

In addition to the super-soft clean cloths, I've been making these fun flowers out of my ever-increasing plastic shopping bag collection. I will be listing them in the next day or so.
The up-cycled flowers would make excellent gift bows/ adornments for your eco-conscious friends!


nikkol said...


glad you got a camera to use. i need a new camera. i'm gonna ask for a laptop for my b-day and not get it and get a sweet camera instead. that's how i forsee it.

i really like your eco-crafties :)

ittybittybirdy said...

Hope you reached your goal... maybe then you could get a new camera! Poor blogger without a camera... I feel for you! Love that your thinking green! Way to go!