Saturday, May 3, 2008

Personalize me...

Guess who's been really lazy about posting lately?
Hint: Me.

I attended a superfly bachelorette party last weekend and just had to make some favors for the lovely ladies. I stuffed some pink striped bags with candy, temporary tattoos and these personalized necklaces!

I'm debating whether to list them yet. I need to put an order into Rio Grande for some supplies. I wish my magical economy boosting check would arrive soon. Grrrrr.

I've also been diligently working on a baby blanket for some friends who just had a beautiful baby girl. I don't want to post pictures until it's done. I forgot how long it takes to make a baby blanket. I'm really happy with the way it's coming out though. I tried a new stitch. Woot.

In other news my dog has been cracking me up lately. I got some free samples of these complete meal bars and he insists on hiding them all over the house. I first noticed him walking around in circles and whining with the bar in his mouth. I realized he was looking for a place to bury it. I watched him try to bury it in his bed. I found one in my chair and on the stairs. I have to take a video of it next time. It's ridiculously cute.


emily august said...

those are very sweet favors.

i hear you on the economy check, too. i keep thinking about it!

nikkol said...

i too am eagerly awaiting my magic check. in fact i am checking my account now to see if i got it. nope.

those necklaces ROCK! gold stars :)